Drawing on the power of movement, striking visuals and emotion, the video for Evenson's "WAITING ON SUNSHINE" showcases his storytelling skills.

Evenson‘s “WAITING ON SUNSHINE” makes you want to move. It’s fitting, then, that the track’s video opens with dance. In an airy room, the artist lets go with his dance partner (professional dancer Sasha Speed), free-falling into shapes in a way that evokes emotion and effortlessly takes up space. Another fitting visual reference: with this new music, Evenson is claiming his own space in the industry.


Known for his poetic lyrics and a patchwork of sonic references from vintage funk to alt-pop to moody rock-n-roll, creative integrity is at the heart of all Evenson puts out. Balancing catchy hooks with emotional depth, the artist has proved a knack for telling impactful stories that resonate. Drawing influence from the likes of Prince, Marvin Gaye and Magdalena Bay, his approach values visuals as much as it does genre and sound.


Directed by long-time collaborator Jacob Rodie, the video for “WAITING ON SUNSHINE” enlists renowned choreographer Kristen Stambolic. “It was incredibly fun,” he says of the process, adding, with a laugh: “Even though my body is still aching from the shoot. In the end, the experience gave me an appreciation for dance and general body movement can help convey the message and story of a song.”


Utilising a 360-degree approach (including videos, album artwork and even a documentary, Jai Guru Deva – a title inspired by “Across the Universe” by the Beatles), Evenson’s shaping an artistic identity that’s unmistakably his own. With each release building towards his forthcoming EP ‘Sadly, I Still Love You’, a project exploring “all sides of the human experience and of myself”, his is a story we’re only just beginning to delve into.




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