R&B's new rising starlet, Teenear, is claiming what is rightfully hers with her fiery and nostalgic anthem 'Dolla Signs'.

Teenear’s new track ‘Dolla Signs’ is the perfect embodiment of an artist who clearly loves her art form and represents the culture which we are living in.


A tale as old as human nature, Teenear’s ‘Dolla Signs’ focuses around lust and envy, with the intelligent placement of Teeneart’s signature melodic placements and harmonies that take you down a path that is filled with roses. Speaking on the track, Teenear revealed “This song is about working hard and striving to accomplish goals while having someone special in your life. I think this topic is one that a lot of people will resonate with in different ways.”


Growing up Teenear found herself obsessed with singing, acting and dancing – something that has clearly stayed with the talent to this day. Her love of performing in church also allowed her to experiment with a growing passion for music and performing arts. Since basing herself in Miami, Teenear has provided us with debut single ‘Friday Night’, as well as prominent releases ‘I Like It’ and ‘Need Your Love’ among others.


It’s clear that this R&B queen is just getting started, and we can’t wait to see what’s to come.