From solo hits to celebrity collabs: artist Daje shows she can do it all.

“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember, all things are possible for those who believe,” Gail Devers.


This quote is synonymous with artist Daje, who chose to follow a career in music, which has been such a strong pillar in her life. Dajé is a Haitian R&B singer-songwriter disrupting the music airwaves with an unmatched sound. Rising from solo hits to celebrity collabos, Daje’s musical prowess and songwriting skills have earned her a cultic following of ardent fans who are always eager to hear what she has in store for them.


Dajé began her music career as an unsigned artist. Like any other indie artist, she encountered several hurdles, but her faith in God, supportive team, and family members helped her successfully navigate the challenges.

“I got this far because of God and who He placed in my life. I had a lot of fear and confidence issues I had to overcome, which were so challenging. I finally woke up one day and took heed of everyone and decided that I would no longer let fear stop me from pursuing my purpose, calling, and dream,” she disclosed in a recent interview.


The talented songbird shared that music gives her the utmost joy, peace, and healing. Daje’s music has been inspirational as she shares her life’s challenges, which resonates with her fan base. “My story is one that overcomes despite all odds and proof that you can be successful and reach your dreams without compromising who you are,” she added.


An all-around creative, Daje achieved a remarkable milestone in her music career this year, an achievement she is happy about. She had an opportunity to present her exhilarating performance at Ray J’s Super Bowl party. In addition, the Haitian R&B singer-songwriter recently released the highly anticipated Double EP last summer, taking the music industry by storm. One EP is infused with sounds from Haiti speaking the native Creole tongue, and the other has a more R&B foundation infused with Caribbean sounds. The project was a trailblazer, as exhibited in her choreographic skills, excellence in songwriting, and the electrifying performance that enthralled her fan base.

“I have such an amazing team that has challenged me to push my art, striving for excellence. My writing, singing, dancing, and performing have improved. I’m excited about my fans because they see me tap into my “super-Saiyan” faze,” Daje excitedly shared.


As someone who overcame many challenges, Daje advises that you should never allow any circumstance to determine your outcome. With the right mindset, you need to arm yourself with hard work, consistency, dedication, and discipline, which play a key role in achieving success. “It is also extremely important to celebrate small accomplishments and acknowledge growth and progress,” she concluded.


The passionate artist shows no sign of slowing down in her journey to show the world that anyone can overcome obstacles and make it in life. She looks forward to continuing to encourage her audience with relatable songs that they can also make it despite financial, medical, mental health, or any other challenges life may throw at them.
She also dreams of being a Grammy, Tony, and Oscar winner shining in singing, acting, and on Broadway. She also hopes to look into non-profit organizations to promote mental health awareness.

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