Blurring the boundaries between American rap, pop and rock, the new single by emerging artist DAJÉ is his best yet.

American rap artist DAJÉ only introduced his sound to Spotify two years ago. With two albums and a strew of single releases already under his belt, he still shows no sign of slowing down in 2024; last week the Atlanta-based musician dropped a new track titled ‘I Wanna Know’. The single showcases an undeniable elevation in DAJÉ’s lyricism as well as a willingness to be experimental in the foundational years of a music career.


Collaborating with hip-hop artist Trey Havens, the partnership was an effective creative decision. The hip-hop influence, heard in the song’s underlying hard-hitting beat, charges DAJÉ’s pop-rap sound with an edge of swagger. Combined with synthy production and electric guitars, punchy rap bars also earn the head-banging appeal of rock bangers.


Lyrically speaking, ‘I Wanna Know’ is about self-reflection – telling of DAJÉ’s development from an artist finding their feet to one that is more considered as a storyteller. He explains that inspiration came from personal experience: “I fell in love with someone whom I met online, when I finally got to meet up with them in person… they weren’t as interested in me.” Translating these complex emotions into a songallowed DAJÉ to better understand them. “Intensity like this tends to drive people away…but in a song, you’re able to develop how you feel. That is why this song is so important to me – I was finally able to feel.”


Reminiscent of the distinctive sounds of Post Malone and Lil Nas X, DAJÉ’s latest track taps into the irresistibility of popular rap. It is undeniably the burgeoning artist’s most refined project yet; as he develops his musical identity on stage and in the studio, watch out for what’s next.

Listen to 'I Wanna Know' by DAJÉ now:


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