Kiwi Sensation Drax Project select the 10 tracks they can't stop pressing play on!

An unstoppable four-piece band who are being chased by royal popstars like Ed Sheeran, Hailee Steinfeld, Famous Dex, Camilla Cabello and Six60 to open at their gigs, this jazzy bunch haven’t forgotten their hard-fought beginnings busking on the streets of Wellington, despite the new-found fame and glory. Comprised of Shaan, Matt, Ben and Sam the band formed in 2014 and have become not just a kiwi phenomenon, but a universal sensation at that too. Uniquely crafting a combination of Jazz, R&B and Pop music, the sound of four shot to fame from the release of their single “Woke Up Late” certified Platinum by Rianz in 2018, with over 17 million streams and 3 million and counting monthly listeners on Spotify alone!

Remastering their Notorious single “Woke Up late” with a sweet melodic feature from Hailee Steinfeld on vocals and Liza Koshy on visuals, this new release has ultimate feel-good loving vibes, perfect for those romantic summers nights. We met up with the Kiwi band which has the world going crazy over their jazzy pop chords making everyone want a dance, as we get to grips with their ten top tracks they cannot bare to pause!

"Monopoly" by Ariana Grande

“I love that song because it’s really carefree and she’s at the top of the game right now. It’s so cool to just hear her chucking out music that is absolutely fire”


“It’s such a dancy, happy song. When we saw them at Coachella I just couldn’t help but smile and dance.”

"Solo" by Frank Ocean

“That song is just the coolest. It’s the coolest collection of sounds that Frank Ocean has ever done. And I love Frank Ocean”

"Walking On A Dream" by Empire Of The Sun

“It’s just a vibe – a modern classic. And it’s the perfect song to walk to because it’s too fast to walk in time, which you don’t want to do because that’s whack. But then when the chorus kicks in…it just keeps you going.”

"Caffeine" by Lolo Zouai

“She’s a new artist on the rise. The song is lit, and it’s really short as well which is quite interesting. I like a short banger!”

"Donuts" by Fortunes.

“The guitar at the beginning is so funky and Connor just sounds like he’s shredding it. It’s another carefree song”

"Gimmie" by Banks

“Incredible collaboration. I feel like you can hear the Justin Timberlake influence in it – which is fantastic because I love Justin Timberlake.”

"Talk" by Khalid ft. Disclosure

“Incredible instrumental – Beautiful chords. Classic Disclosure production with a really cool new(ish) artist. Iconic voice with iconic production. Disclosure are big influences for us too.”

"A Million Times" by T-Pain ft. O.T Genasis

“It’s disgustingly stanky. It’s one of those songs that you hear for the first time, and you’ll never forget where you were when you heard it. You listen to the first 30 seconds and are like THIS IS MY FAVOURITE SONG. It’s one of those songs that you don’t want to listen to too much because you want to saver it – It’s that good.”

"Everything In It's Right Place" by Radiohead

“It’s a classic ‘growing up’ song for me – I’ve loved it my whole life. It’s nostalgic and the feeling of it is so…deep.”

"Woke Up Late" by Drax Project ft. Hailee Steinfeld

“It’s a fun song, about a fun night and it’s changed our lives quite a lot, so we’re obviously connected to it. Listen to it – download it – stream it. Show your mum.”

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