Taking over The Lexington last night, DJ hellomtthw's Pop Never Dies celebrated the release of Charli XCX's brat in true Angels fashion, with a very special surprise guest.

Tell us a bit about Pop Never Dies?

We’ve been doing Pop Never Dies in various capacities since about 2016, it started out as a new music column before evolving into what it’s become today which is a series of club nights which we run at least once a month with our flagship night happening at The Lexington on the last Saturday of every month.

How would you describe the night in three words?

Chaotic, sweaty joy.

What do you look for in a song so make it on a Pop Never Dies setlist?

First of all, I have to love it or at the very least feel that other people in the room will love it. As a DJ or curator or whoever you are… You are not only providing the literal soundtrack but the crowd is feeding off your energy and passion, so chances are if I’m losing my mind people are gonna follow suit, even if they haven’t heard something before.

What do you love most about Charli XCX?

What’s not to love! Having had the pleasure to witness her growth and steadfast determination to be whoever the fuck she wants to be and do whatever the fuck she wants to do over the last decade is so inspiring. She’s a true visionary, a cult classic and everyone’s favourite reference. It’s Charli, baby! But, honestly, I love the fact that she shows up for her fans and has created such an amazing community. I’ve made so many friends through her music and to see all of us flourish and glow over the years is such a privilege.

What is your go-to Charli XCX track to get people dancing?

Look, I know this might be an unpopular choice BUT ‘I Love It’ goes off, whether you’re on OG XCXer, hardcore angel or someone who thinks it’s Charlie, not Charli, then you know this song and you love this song. ‘Roll With Me’ is probably a close second and I’m kicking myself about not dropping it last night and obviously Club Classics – the instant club classic – already goes so hard.

What’s next for Pop Never Dies?

We’ve got another Charli-themed night on 22nd June, Let’s Ride is back at The Waiting Room then we’re celebrating London Pride at The Lexington on 29th June. I’m also so excited about July, lots of really crazy things coming up that we can’t share yet, but what I can say is we’re throwing our biggest party ever at The Lower Third with The Robyn Party! We’re bringing their Robyn-approved (featured in the ‘Missing U’ fan film!!) extravaganza This Party Is Killing You! to London for the very first time, it’s almost like ‘The 360’ remix was made for us.


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