Press (re)play on this week's Notion Now playlist, featuring Charli XCX, Fred again.., Headie One and much more.

‘Von Dutch’ by Charli XCX

One of British pop music’s most uncompromising stars, Charli XCX’s rowdy and rave-focused return comes in the form of ‘Von Dutch’. “I’m your number one, your number one, your number one,” she sings on a revved-up hook, which works its way through gears and joyrides across acidic EDM and house. “Written about being an object of gossip and obsession,” as the Cambridge born artist told The Face in their cover feature, the track is as good of a dance-pop jam as you’ll hear all year. And we’ve only just made it into March.

‘stayinit’ by Fred again.., Lil Yachty, Overmono

Lil Yachty and Overmono featuring on the same track? This could only ever be the work of superstar producer, Fred again.. . Whatever your feelings towards the Grammy winning artist, his ability to play cupid for some of the most unlikely collaborations always grabs the industry’s attention. And besides, ‘stayinit’ is a banger! Lil Yachty’s autotune refrain adds spectral qualities to the dystopian dubstep and cosmic breaks that crash beneath him.

‘Socials’ by Headie One

Calling out our internet obsessions, Headie One’s ‘Socials’ asks us to look in the mirror and question how we’re perceived online. The UK drill honcho delivers bars like they’re second nature, with a dexterity akin to professional footballers performing their rondos or how a skater pirouettes across an ice rink. The track comes along a striking music video that features cameos from the likes of Clavish, Nemzzz and Tiffany Calver.

‘Tony Montana’ by Skepta, Portable, JAE5

Anticipation has been building for this one ever since Skepta dropped a photo online of himself and Nigerian street-hop artist, Portable. Named after Scarface’s infamous Mafia king pin, ‘Tony Montana’ references the Tottenham hailing rapper’s business mogul status, as he continues to foray into the worlds of fashion, film and music festivals. JAE5 is also on hand to gift his immortalised Afrobeats vibes to the track.

‘A Vineyard for the North’ by Yard Act

Closing out Yard Act’s sophomore album, Where’s My Utopia?, ‘A Vineyard for the North’ is the indie dance anthem you need in your life this week. Sonically, the album is a lot more diverse than its predecessor, seeking inspiration from artists like Afrobeat icon Fela Kuti and hip-hop trailblazer Lauryn Hill. Like its title, the record questions whether a life in the music industry is the paradise that the five-piece always anticipated. Some questions are still left unanswered but one thing’s for sure is that Yard Act aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

‘Wonderkid’ by Jordy, JME

Teased prolifically on socials and through his award-winning podcast series, Filthy Fellas, ‘Wonderkid’ is rooted in Jordy’s family philosophy. Hailing from north London, the rapper enlists grime legend JME for a steely feature while his brother stars in the dark and compelling music video. Two wonderkids who’ve grown to be kings of their respective disciplines, Jordy and JME’s collaboration feels like a long time coming; the single comes alongside the announcement of ‘SNM’, which rounds off the rapper’s trilogy of acronym-named EPs.

‘Doctor (Work It Out) by Pharrell Williams, Miley Cyrus

Having first originated in 2012, 'Doctor (Work It Out)' has been a long time coming. Finally dropping with a video giving high energy 80s glam, it's arrived at the perfect time to usher in some sunnier days.

‘What A Devastating Turn of Events’ by Rachel Chinouriri

With her debut album arriving on 3rd May, Rachel Chinouriri returns this week with new single, 'What A Devestating Turn of Events'. Personal and based on a heartbreaking true story, Rachel describes the track as "one of my saddest but proudest achievements".

‘FYS’ by Chlöe

Following last year's debut solo album, In Pieces, Chlöe's back with 'FYS’ (F*** Your Status) - an assertive track letting us know she's unfazed and unbothered by a man's money or power.

‘Miss Me Too’ by Griff

Premiering as Radio 1's Hottest Record, Griff returns with her first music of 2024, 'Miss Me Too'. Pining after a lost love with soaring melodies, she sings: "There's no moment whеn I don't think of you / And I hope that you still miss me too".

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