Previous collaborators, Eastpak and Raf Simons, have partnered once more for a new collection of bags.

Eastpak’s latest collaboration with the Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons has produced a  number of striking and provocative reinventions of some of the bag brand’s most iconic shapes.


There are now three new renditions of Eastpak’s classic Padded Pak’r ® backpack – in XL, regular, and XS – as well as a stylish and versatile Waist Bag.


When working on the collaboration, Simons tied in the futuristic vision maintained for his Fall 2020 menswear collection.

Paying homage to references ranging from Blade Runner to Bowie, the collection was produced for an invented future elite: what Simons dubs the “Solar Youth”.


Summoning both the nostalgic and futuristic, Eastpak and Raf Simons’ new collection is fitting in the midst of an uncertain future. As attested by the emphatic expressions of defiance scribbled across various sow-on patches: “We are the future”, “We are forever”, and “They can’t stop all of us!”

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