Re-built to resist, Eastpak commits to sustainability and striving towards a better future for the planet with their 30-year warranty and stylish designs.

From its longlasting designs to the brand’s DNA, Eastpak is Built to Resist. As it makes strides towards sustainability, Eastpak continues to create durable designs that stay committed to style, with a limited warranty of up to 30 years. Eastpak’s limited warranty policy helps to extend the life of its bags and luggage, encouraging customers to ‘buy better and buy less’.


Even with the most durable materials, things sometimes break which is the way of life so Eastpak will do its best to repair any damage, as part of its 30-year limited warranty on most products.


Eastpak’s new RE-BUILT TO RESIST collection is a sustainable solution to reducing waste and preserving style. The recycled collection reworks pre-loved bags from Eastpak’s warranty centre that are beyond repair, into one-of-a-kind designs.


Each reinvention of Eastpak’s classic Padded Pak’r backpack and Springer bum bag features a 50/50 split of two different colourways or fabrics, making every bag unique.


Dive into the collection below and grab your own here!


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