EDEN's debut album drops this Friday, we meet the soon-to-be superstar in this week's Internet Crush.

Social media has changed the way we interact with our favourite artists. More than just musicians, they’re now personalities, people we can interact with on the daily. Now more than ever we’re aware that musicians are pretty normal people, they just have a weird job. Every week we get to know one of our favourite SoundCloud heroes, internet dating style, in our new column, Internet Crush.

Dublin based singer-songwriter EDEN exists in the liminal space between pop music and, well, not pop music. Specialising in a particularly ‘Gen Z’ take on Bon Iver’s folktronica he fuses traditional singer-songwriter fare with moody synth-work and sombre vocals. He caught the ear of none other than modern pop queen Lorde with his single ‘sex’, giving his profile a huge boost in June last year and he’s commanded a growing army of obsessive fans ever since.

His debut album vertigo drops on Friday and is all but certain to launch his career further into the pop stratosphere when it does. We took our chance to chat with EDEN while he’s still got his feet on earth for this week’s Internet Crush.

You’ve been fangirled by Lorde, signed with Scooter Braun and announce a debut album recently. What’s the most normal thing to happen to you in the last twelve months?

I managed to lock myself out of my apartment after going to get some midnight pizza. I slept sitting down in the corridor cradling a pizza box. Good times.


What was it like having Lorde share your music?

I actually didn’t think it was real at first. I thought maybe it was a fake page or that she was hacked or something, but it was really cool to hear that someone who makes incredible music had stumbled across mine.


What did you do immediately after Lorde messaged you?

I honestly don’t remember.


If you had to take Lorde to one place in Dublin where would it be?

Ticknock! one of my favourite places in the world.


What do people need to know about your debut album?

I made it in my bedroom and a couple other studios by myself!


Who do you roll with?

New friends, old friends. Small circles.

Describe your sound in just a sentence:

Whatever I feel like.


Favourite colour:

All of them.


Favourite movie:

Public Enemies/ Lost in Translation/ Arrival.


Last book you read:

A heartbreaking work of staggering genius.


First single/album you ever bought?

I don’t remember my first ever, but the first vinyl I bought were ‘Let it Bleed’ by the Rolling Stones and ‘Immunity’ by Jon Hopkins.


First band/act you ever went to see live?

I think it was Westlife or Busted actually when I was really young…


Earliest memory?

Painting volcanoes in preschool.

What do you do in your spare time?

Movies, photography, video games, music.


Are you a morning or evening person?

I feel like I’m more productive in the morning, but can never get myself to go to bed which then ruins the mornings. It’s a vicious cycle.


First song you ever wrote?

An extremely cheesy pop song.


Favourite song of your own?

All of them!


Favourite lyric?

There are no ends just greys and half-lives – it’s alright.


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