We catch up with the Hackney superstar Bree Runway after the launch of her cover story for Notion 87 to find out she's staying creative and positive amidst isolation.

2020 kicked off with everyone collectively going ‘APESHIT’ for Bree Runway – from Missy Elliott to Doja Cat, it seemed like everyone finally copped onto the insanely talented and all-around cool gal Bree Runway.


Miss Runway has been making a name for herself over the years in her beloved London town, running the streets and making what can only be described as ‘Hot Girl Music’. Whilst the rest of the world has taken its sweet time catching up with Bree, it’s always left her leaps and miles ahead of the game – something which is probably never going to change. The universe Bree is crafting by hand spans genres, multitudes and creativity. 2020 Bree Runway seems like she has reached her full form. Don’t get it twisted though, Bree is just getting started and no pandemic is going to slow this gal on a mission down.


Triumphing on one of our covers for Notion 87, it’s a pretty weird time for the human race to be existing right now. However, as always with the case for art and innovation, creativity hopes to be a light in the dark places for people to escape to in times of need. That’s what Bree Runway is here to do.


We caught up with the superstar on FaceTime, to check in on how on this creative vixen is staying positive indoors, what she has up her sleeve next and have an all-around nice catch-up. Bree even donned herself in pink eyeshadow and a co-ordinating pink crop top, so 100 points to Miss Runway for fronting on us even in the world of digital interviews where half of us are still in their pyjamas bottoms conducting interviews (myself).

What’s your favourite thing about growing up in Hackney?

Hackney is really colourful! I like to be the queen of colour, like who do I think I am right now? On zoom in a hot pink crop top and pink eyeshadow… ha! Really though, there is so much culture here, so many different types of people here from all walks of life… it’s so inspiring being able to learn from people around you.

Obviously, ‘APESHIT’ literally went apeshit – everyone loves it so much. How did it feel to release that track?

This was next level, 100%! Honestly, there were so many shocking moments from the roll-out of ‘APESHIT’. When Missy Elliott and Doja Cat tweeted me I was literally in shock, I knew something special was happening for sure. It’s been the most rewarding release for me ever, and I still can’t believe it. It’s a reminder that if there are complications or struggles along the way with something you just have to keep it going.

What are you going APESHIT for currently?

Probably hair tutorials on YouTube! Literally, I’m learning everything from YouTube – how to grow my hair longer, techniques on how to make my wigs look better… so I’m going APESHIT for that right now.

What’s been something you have learned spiritually about yourself during isolation?

Oh my god… I feel like I’m starting to see myself as how God made me. We get caught up in the fast-paced whirlwind of life that we don’t stop to celebrate ourselves. We are always being so critical of ourselves – I feel like I’ve paused and I’m unpacking things that I really love about myself.

Where has the name Bree Runway originated from?

So, the inspiration for Bree Runway came from a cousin – he is a really stylish cousin who always had every single Louis Vuitton drop, and I always used to stare at him in awe. He said to me at a party ‘I can’t give you my stuff, but I’ll give you a bit of name, you can have Runway’. My name has evolved as I used to have like six names in there, but I cut it down to Bree Runway.

What’s your star sign? Do you think you’re like your star sign?

I’m a Scorpio and honey I’m definitely 100% a Scorpio. I’m very fiery, very emotional… very paranoid ha! But, you know, I’m very innovative! I certainly live up to to my star sign and it’s traits.

Everyone seems to be having pretty crazy dreams right now, are you having any worth noting?

Oh my god yes! I have this reoccurring dream where I have this really really strong feeling within them that’s telling me to prepare. For example, I’m having this dream where I’m performing in this huge venue and the overriding feeling or motivation behind the dream is telling me to prepare. Don’t get lost in the fact that ‘Omg I’m gonna be a big star or wow look at all these people’ – it’s telling me to work and to prepare. Use this time to equip yourself.

So, what’s the first thing you want to do when isolation eventually ends?

Man… I wanna go to ‘Burger & Lobster’ so bad. It’s my favourite restaurant. The whole menu – extra garlic butter, extra everything!

Have you been in love before? What did it feel like?

You know what… it felt like too much. As we said, I’m a Scorpio, we tend to love too hard… ha! It’s been a while, so I feel like when I fall in love again I will be better equipped as I’m more in tune with myself. I’m slightly older, and I feel more aligned, so when it happens again I feel like I will know how to handle it, hopefully. I have a lot going on, and love is supposed to be the cherry on top of all the other amazing things in life, it’s not supposed to be your entire life.

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