We asked the stans of Wallows to ask the boys some hard-hitting questions for our fan mail series.

The men of Wallows know that wavering through adolescence consists of a series of never-ending challenges concerning love, loss, anxiety, insecurity and ‘enjoying’ one’s youth.

Wallows have got each other’s backs through all of this, and have transformed these universal themes into personal and emotive songs. Hence why Wallows have got a legion of loyal followers behind them relating to every word they sing about entering adulthood through teenage lenses and every chord they pluck. On their debut album, ‘Nothing Happens’, the LA boys are colloquial and casual through their stories of teenage debauchery and heartache – all the while making you feel the West Coast’s rays. The ‘Nothing Happens’ album is the perfect embodiment of a teenage summer where it feels like it’s the last time one of these summers can ever happen again – almost nostalgic for something that is happening in the present. Teaming up with fellow bedroom pop connoisseur Clairo on the track ‘Are You Bored Yet?’, the awaited album is a casual amalgamation of the indie-rock genre for the Instagram generation. Speaking of Instagram, we sat down with Wallows and let their fans do the questioning themselves for our fan mail series below.


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