In the midst of London Fashion Week, Fashion Minority Alliance announces its launch, marking the beginning of long-term change within the industry.

Founded by a multicultural collective of minorities, Fashion Minority Alliance is a non-profit organisation that works collaboratively with brands and businesses to ensure change within the industry for black and minority creatives.


With their manifesto being ‘small steps, big results’, this is an open and very much needed ‘call to action’, enlisting people within the fashion industry to listen, learn, join, support and donate.


This is a movement that will push minorities to continue confidently owning their spaces within the industry, demanding accountability and inclusion across the board.


Cheryl Konteh, a founding member of the Fashion Minority Alliance explains that “We want to see structures that holistically reflect shared values and realise equitable opportunities, and pay that reflects our egalitarian image of what the fashion and beauty industries should be”.


With the launch of this collective, the levels of inclusivity and representation are set to be disrupted and increased across the fashion, beauty, media and retail industries.

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