Lexie releases the romantic ballad "Fire" and accompanying music video.

Counting Lady Gaga and Karen Carpenter amongst her musical influences, Lexie is a relative newcomer who’s making her mark.


Having released three songs in the last year – the acoustic-led, country-leaning tracks “Reckless”, “Dirty December” and “Can’t Keep His Jeans On” – Lexie is back with new song “Fire”, a tender tune about self-worth.


“I kinda feel like you’ll be meeting me for the first time when you hear ‘Fire‘, it’s the first release that really shows my vulnerability and the emotion in my voice”, Lexie explains. “I’m a sucker for sad acoustic music and country, and I feel like those influences definitely crept in with this one.”


“I can’t lie, I really love this song – it reminds me of the kind of song you’d hear at the end of a high school Netflix show. You know when you meet someone and really like them, but it feels like no matter what you do, you’ll never fill the shoes of the person that was there before. Sometimes people have ‘the one that got away’ so it feels like you’ll always be compared to that person. And after a while, it’s just tiring and unfulfilling. It’s quite an emotional song actually, but at the same time empowering because I’m also making a declaration of my worth.”

Watch the official video for "Fire" below:


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