“Can’t Keep His Jeans On” by Lexie

Immerse yourself in this confessional and cathartic new track, 'Can't Keep His Jeans On', by Lexie!

The multi-hyphenate creative Lexie is not shy to the arts – a writer, singer, dancer and actor – there seems to be nothing Lexie can’t do.


 Lexie’s third release, ‘Can’t Keep His Jeans On’, is a brave, open exploration of distrust and relationship betrayal. The contemporary muse is already garnering a following and for good reason. Her unique and continuously enfolding talent to be authentic whilst sharing her journey has cemented her status as more than a one to watch.


Speaking on the latest track, Lexie revealed, “Oh My! I wrote a lot of songs about this boy, haha! At this point, I thank him for the inspo. I think sometimes men are so afraid to hurt us they avoid being honest, but what they don’t realise is that f**ks with our heads way more. Anyway, this song was such a release for me, my songs are definitely part of my healing process.” 


Dive into the addictive and gorgeous track below.