Musical collective AG Club chat about their musical firsts, from getting starstruck to facing obstacles to bucket list goals.

AG Club have been busy putting themselves at the forefront of the culture these past few years. The wide-ranging collective, which is toplined by core members Jody Fontaine and Baby Boy, have walked an intriguing line between embracing contemporary hip-hop stardom and seeking inspiration in what has come before, creating a vibe which is entirely their own.


A key tenet of their mission is collaboration, and they’ve put that into action working with big names like A$AP Ferg and NLE Choppa, as well as establishing their own in-house content teams and fashion brands – it’s about something bigger than just bringing their internal vision to life.


The latest chapter of AG Club’s journey has come with the anthemic new summer tune “True Religion”, which they’ll be taking out on tour in European spots like the Wireless Festival in the UK and Paradiso Noord in Amsterdam. They’re about to bring their tunes to a bigger audience than ever, so we sat down with Jody and Baby Boy to hear about their musical firsts, from first CDs to first obstacles and beyond.

First song you ever made?

AG Club – “Want To”

First song you released officially?

AG Club – “flowerssss”

First CD or record you owned?

Jody: The Jackson 5 Christmas Album

Baby Boy: Michael Buble (Michael Buble)

First time you realised you wanted to be an artist?

Jody: When I was in the second grade and I saw Brett Michaels Behind the Music.
Baby Boy: Damn near when I was twelve and my cousin came over and showed me channel orange. And then I started seeing sounds.

First festival you went to and the first one you played at?

Jody: College Park Spring Fling / Lollapalooza
Baby Boy: Park Spring Fling / Lollapalooza

First time you faced an obstacle in your career?

AG Club –  The dude who’s garage we were working in ended up going off to school.. so we didn’t have anywhere to work. So we went to another homies house, but then he got kicked out… so then we went to [Jody’s] ex-girlfriend’s house.
First instrument you owned?
Jody: Acoustic Guitar
Baby Boy: Saxophone
First time you felt like giving up?
Jody: When I first dropped out of college.
Baby Boy: It had been three weeks after dropping the video for Memphis and nothing was really moving for us…. on to of that everything seemed to be going wrong – I had no money for rent, I had to get a job at Starbucks, my mom was stressing, my girl was about to break up with me…

First time you felt starstruck?

Jody: I was thirteen standking outside LA Live one the side on the street and a white escalade pulled up and Soulja Boy and Chief Keef were in the car. They rolled the window down and dapped me up. It was the same week he made that Toot It and Boot it video where he was drinking lean… we actually ended up sampling that bit.
Baby Boy: When I met Tyler the Creator in 2018 after Flog Gnaw at a Chik Fil A
First time you ticked off a bucket list goal?
AG Club: Performing at a major music festival. With acts like SZA and Tyler and Kendrick. So crazy.


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