The multi-talented artist reveals his musical firsts from garden jazz nights to a run-in with Pop Smoke and riding with blueberries.

A rising star from north west London, Korby makes music to understand the mind. With just three singles – two from 2023 and another, ‘Nosebleeds’, dropping earlier this year – the neuroscience graduate-turned-artist has grabbed the industry’s attention. The rich instrumentals, powerful lyricism and mood-shifting melodies heard in his releases preface an exciting career ahead. The first chapter will soon be unveiled in his debut EP, which drops March 15.


Being a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter with a hand in production, Korby is tooled up to creatively explore the human connections and emotional rollercoasters which have always fascinated, though at times overwhelmed, him. Weaving together raw acoustics, modulating synths, intricate piano lines and his mesmerising vocals, his sound organically juxtaposes the light and dark. Listeners will be invited deeper into the polymath’s psyche via his forthcoming project: a cathartic creation for the artist, who’s yet to reveal its title.


Recently signed to Neighbourhood Recordings, who brought up musical powerhouses including Dave and Meekz, Korby remains committed to making authentic art. Contemplating the idea of success he shares, “You only live a fulfilled life when you’re doing things from a place of pureness, and when you’re just being honest.” Ahead of his new record’s inevitable flurry of attention, Korby reflects on his musical firsts, from garden jazz nights to a run-in with Pop Smoke.

First time you fell in love with music?

I was pretty young, my dad had loads of CDs in his car and I remember always being excited to choose what we were going to listen to on each journey. I couldn’t read the names of every CD  that well, but I always knew what the CD with my favourite songs on it looked like. That was the highlight of every day for me.

First song you were infatuated with?

‘Turn Your Lights Down Low’ by Bob Marley, the remix with Lauryn Hill on it.

First gig you ever played? 

It was a jazz piano performance in Clifton Nurseries. It’s a garden centre in west London, by the canals. They had jazz nights there when I was a teenager. I guess my first performance as Korby would have been at Laylow last September with my friend Rosier. 

First time you worked with someone who you admired? 

I’d say the first time I worked with my friend RJ (Anil Raja). I heard a track that he’d produced for Sainté and was blown away. I hadn’t heard that kind of sound from anyone around me before. 

First person you’d recruit if you had a band? 

Oh, Mk.Gee on guitar, for sure!

First time you felt starstruck? 

When I saw Pop Smoke in Leicester whilst I was at university. 

First thing on your rider? 

Blueberries, then probably some loud and water.

First track you play when handed the aux?

It depends on who I’m with. It’s either ‘Seltzer’ by Cruzer, ‘Safe 2’ by Veeze or ‘Larabar’ by Wet. 

First artist you’d add to your dream festival lineup? 

Bob Marley, R.I.P.

First purchase after a major music cheque?

A Stone Island Opaque Tela Mesh Badge Jacket from 2006 and a Porsche Cayenne Turbo Coupe to wear it in. 


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