A weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

‘I Can’t Dream Anymore’ by Fabiana Palladino

‘I Can’t Dream Anymore’ is the third single taken from Fabiana Palladino’s forthcoming self-titled debut album. Expanding on the synthy sounds we’ve heard so far, the track evokes moonlit nights and illuminated constellations, as the singer-songwriter peers longingly through a window and out towards better times.

‘Dream Theme’ by Y U QT

Leicestershire NUKG disruptors Y U QT are back with another self-released double single. ‘Dream Theme’ and its pumping trance tones loop around a killer vocal hook, luring you into yet another euphoric soundscape from the revered and rising DJ duo.

‘My Garden’ by Korby

Stripped back and solemn, ‘My Garden’ is our pick from Korby’s debut project, I’ll Explain Later. Proving that he’s on a wave of his own, the single unites heart melting piano loops with ambient electronica and the singer-songwriter's cascading autotune vocals. All seven tracks are essential listening this week.

‘When I Care’ by Zoe’s Shanghai

Welding house, street soul and jazzy textures into a genre-fluid exploration of percussive music, ‘When I Care’ feels like a pivotal release for Parisian jazz-fusionists, Zoe’s Shanghai. Co-signed by the late, great Virgil Abloh, who featured their single, ‘Mother’, in Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2021 campaign, the band carry on going from strength-to-strength, bringing their kaleidoscopic improvisation to the masses.

‘similar minds’ by Kilu

Another month, and another tear-jerking release from London singer-songwriter, Kilu. Currently on tour with close friend and collaborator Feux, the multi-instrumentalist reflects on finding your soul mate but knowing that now isn’t the right time to be together, over delicately delivered acoustic guitars.

‘Free’ by Bklava

Bklava’s new piano-powered breaks-filled banger is a cutesy call to the dancefloor, evoking all the rave-inspired hedonism we’ve come to expect from them. “Nobody’s ever gonna hold me down / Yeah, I’m so high that I can’t reach the ground,” she sings before a powedery explosion of bass and melody.

‘Motion Sickness’ by TraviS, Elzzz

Travis and Elzz go together like tea and biscuits; their collaborative projects rarely miss and ‘Motion Sickness’ is no different. Taken from a new mixtape, called DOGHOUSE, the track’s promiscuity and braggadocio, combined with gut punching 808s, provide the perfect formula for a devastating road rap banger.

‘Morning Sun’ by Charisse C, DJ Kwamzy

Lifted from her forthcoming debut EP, ‘Morning Sun’ proves Charisse C can do it all, as she adds infectious songwriting to her creative arsenal, which includes an NTS residency and being one of African dance music’s foremost ambassadors. Produced by DJ Kwamzy, the single is inspired by the summer rays that creep through windows on a sunny day in Johannesburg.


BIG SPECIAL are the Black Country duo making important and unrelenting punk music with a soulful edge. ‘BUTCHER’S BIN’ addresses the struggle many working class artists face when trying to make it in the arts. Grating synths and thrashing drums, courtesy of Callum Moloney, illuminate the potent spoken word screeches from lead singer Joe Hicklin.

‘Sometimes’ by Danny Sanchez

South west London rapper and singer Danny Sanchez grounds himself on the new single, ‘Sometimes’. Acknowledging the stray paths he’s walked during his come up, the multifaceted artist wants everyone to know that he’s back on track and hitting the studio with a new-found hunger and desire. Flexing his infectious rasp around a spacey trap instrumental, The Silhouettes Project affiliate subtly reminds us of the musical dexerity he’s witheld throughout his career.

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A weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.