From playing drums at Glastonbury to supporting Harry Styles at Wembley, Pauli The PSM has experienced some iconic sets in his career as an artist so far. Taking it back, he runs us through his musical firsts.

Drummer, composer, producer, model and DJ, is there anything that Pauli Lovejoy can’t do? Embodying the meaning of a multihyphenate, the London-born artist has continued pushing boundaries while creating a lane of his own. Under the moniker Pauli The PSM, he’s released genre-spanning projects that revel in his experimental spirit. “Saucy”, featuring Ariza, is his latest single, released via FADER Label. 


Pauli is renowned to many as one of the world’s best drummers. If you don’t believe us, just ask Damon Albarn, Robyn or Kelsey Lu, all of whom he’s been a touring percussionist for. But it’s the OutKast-influenced artist’s solo material where he shines brightest. With countless EPs and projects to his name, the composer continues on a journey of music discovery, creating ambient albums inspired by Afrofuturism. 


“Saucy”, by comparison, is a club-ready heater. Featuring the unmistakable tones of Ariza, the track’s shuffling percussion and toe-tapping rhythms are the perfect soundtrack to summer nights and sweaty dancefloors. To celebrate the single’s release, we spoke with Pauli about his musical firsts, from electro-grime creations to getting kicked out of music GCSEs. Tap in below.

First song you ever made?

A little electro-grime tune called “Itso skitzo”. It was a hit on my myspace page back in 2005. Please don’t search for it!

First CD or record you owned?

The first CD I brought was ‘Big Willie Style’ by Will Smith. The first record was ‘Ms. Jackson’ by OutKast.
First time you realised you wanted to do music full-time?

I’m not sure I’ll ever be a full-time musician. I’ve got my finger in many a pie…

First gig and first festival you went to?

The first gig I went to was Jeff “Tain” Watts at Royal Festival Hall, London. But I always remember church conventions having great gospel artists; one stand-out moment was Kick Franklin at the KICC International Gathering of Champions.


The first festival I attended was Glastonbury 2008. Jay-Z was the headliner and Amy Winehouse was the headline support. I was there playing drums with Eliza, and we played on a stage called the Pussy Parlure.

First time you faced an obstacle in your career?

When living in Paris and working with Matthieu Chedid, whilst really struggling to learn French.

First time you ticked off a bucked list goal?

Moving out of London to Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn, NY.

First time you felt like giving up?

When I got kicked out of music GCSEs at school.

First time you felt starstruck?

Seeing JME in the legendary Krispy Kremes car park in Enfield every weekend for about a year.

First time you realised you’d made it?

When DJs started playing my songs on the radio. Mary Anne Hobbs played an unreleased song of mine called “Love TKO”, and Zane Lowe played my first official single release, “I Don’t Care”.

Stream Pauli The PSM's latest, "Saucy":

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