Vocal powerhouse Lisa Ramey fuses soul, rock, pop and R&B together in latest EP, 'Foretaste'.

Lisa Ramey needs no formal introduction. Piquing the ears of music listeners across the globe with her stint on The Voice US, as well as prior performing the National Anthem at Madison Square Garden in 2016, the soulful singer is only racking up further accolades since. Releasing a slew of singles this past year that have all taken her genre-bending sound to greater heights, it’s clear that all efforts have led to her latest EP, Foretaste, as she gives us a glimpse of her forthcoming full-length album.


Within the six tracks of Foretaste, Lisa’s raw soulfulness and soul-meet-rock sensibilities bask in the limelight. With each note, she lays bare her emotions, delving into themes of vulnerability, self-empowerment and shedding emotional baggage. The EP’s lead single, ‘Better Than That’ sees her narrating the complexities of friendships over anthemic drums and piano riffs, while ‘Hopeless’ bids adieu to toxic relationships against a backdrop of laid-back funk and shimmering guitars.


From the pulse-pounding head-banger of ‘Vagabond’ to the pop-infused rock vibes of ‘My Creator’, the EP feels like a fresh slate for Lisa, as she explores diverse sounds pushing her experimentality to the forefront. As the EP draws to a close with the unapologetic energy of ‘Body’, replete with electrifying guitar licks and energetic vibes, it becomes clear that Lisa is charting her own course, guided by authenticity and confidence, and we can only patiently wait for our next dose of musical honesty as gears up to her album release.


On the EP, Lisa Ramey comments, “Foretaste is a sample of what’s to come! I’ll be releasing a full-length album and wanted to give my listeners a taste of what’s to come. ‘Better Than That’ is a surprise for my listeners that completes the EP.”

Listen to Foretaste now:


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