Lisa Ramey’s latest release, “My Creator” is a guitar-mashing offering, with soul feels and her signature rock ‘n’ roll edge.

Following the release of her most recent album, ‘Broken Smile’, vocal powerhouse Lisa Ramey returns with pop-rock-tinged “My Creator”. The song witnesses Lisa reflecting on her personal growth and self-empowerment, all the while demonstrating her fervent love for rock ‘n’ roll. With a growing catalogue of gospel, reggae, rock, and R&B-infused productions, “My Creator” marks further experimentation for the talent with its lionhearted production and upbeat toplines.


Lisa first caught the attention of the industry following her stint on The US Voice, where she was chosen by John Legend for her musical versatility and honed vocals. The St Louis-born and New York-based artist exudes gritty soul and passion, which led to a headline show alongside Ms. Lauryn Hill. She’s since become a mainstay of the live-stream concert world, constantly seeking out new ways to put on compelling at-home and studio performances for fans new and old. 


Speaking on “My Creator”, Lisa Ramey shares, “I’m not necessarily the type of gal who finds time to understand what people think about me, I choose to move to the beat of my own drum.” She continues, “I believe in being kind and letting negative things go the second they start to fester and I surrender to love as much as humanly possible. How I live has nothing to do with anyone but me, and really my life and decisions are between me and my Creator.”

Listen to "My Creator" below:


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