Returning this week with new single, "What if I jump from a Bridge", Berlin-based LIA LIA takes us through a day in the life.

aaaaaaaah, it’s release day!!!
everything is a mess. help.
running late (as always), no time to fix bangs or make up -_-
tabitha (my friend @tabithaswanson_) showed me her art// exhibition. I approve.
went to my fav book & cd store in berlin. bought a prodigy album. (@dussmann.offical)
me haaaangry. food at my fav japanese canteen. (got natto+gohan+sabamisoni) (
visited my best friends (@claracolettemiramon) show room. congratulation to you new collection clara! It’s bowlicious.
berlin u-bahn life.
shower, hair + make up. pre-prep to film social media content & an foto editorial after.
it’s a wrap. this is Roma (@keta_caviar) my music producer and best bro.
getting shoot ready in my studio with Hyesoo + Bf to shoot. (hyesoo.chung & @0rntishnlu)
what anime are we referencing?
me sleepy. but 2nd shoot done!
good night notion. It was a long day. I didn’t cry once!!!! (very unusual)

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