A weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

'STRINGS' by SamRecks

Rising wordsmith SamRecks delivers a seamless flow atop plunky instrumentals and wobbly bass kicks in new single, ‘STRINGS’. Whilst unveiling languid lyricism, he plunges into pensive themes of love and life, all whilst the bouncy beat makes you bop your head to its infectious charm.

'Angst' by LIA LIA

On a journey towards upmost authenticity and individuality, otherworldly artist LIA LIA lays on blistering punk riffs in her latest track ‘Angst’. Serving as the lead single of her latest EP, LIA LIA unwinds her own fairytale, mixing happy ends with lurid twists. Her ethereal vocals take the limelight alongside inauspicious basslines underscored by DnB flourishes and rogue spirit.

'Moss' by Duskus

Following his move to the countryside, it seems that the fresh air has worked wonders for Dukus’s electronic soundscapes. His latest single, ‘Moss’, is an ode to the saintly beauty of music within a minimalistic space. Witness ambient synths cushioning the electronic soundscape, an infectious kit beat tickles the perfect spot in the brain.

'I Know You Wanna' by ShaSimone

That’s right, ShaSimone is back, this time with new single ‘I Know You Wanna’ - once again showcasing her dexterous wordplay. It’s an unapologetic banger, brimmed full of cheekiness and sensuality showcasing her stellar artistic prowess, making a splash in the scene once more.

'Clear' by Jelani Blackman

Leaving no stone unturned, Jelani Blackman posits the interplay between his lyricism and the music more than ever on his single, ‘Clear’. Opening with a seductive yet sullen piano, the track soon bursts into an infectious beat. The soundscape is zestful as the poignant lyricism takes centre stage.

'That's Nice' by Asher Kosher, Deema, Jkarri

Music initiative The Silhouettes Project has been in a serious groove with the emerging artist collaborations they’ve inaugurated of late. ‘That’s Nice’ is the community’s latest offering, featuring Asher Kosher, Jkarri and Deema. The single gives grime an appealing twist with jazz riffs and a thumping hip-hop base. We recommend you check out what else the grassroots hip-hop, jazz and soul group has masterminded… and be ready for their gig at Camden’s KOKO next spring.

'the evidence' by Yaya Bey

If you don’t know Yaya Bey, here is the evidence (literally) that you should. The Brooklyn-based blues singer’s newest release follows her track record of powerful storytelling. In tune with ‘crying through my teeth’ - the other feature on this double single - ‘the evidence’ flows in a soul-stirring stream-of-consciousness. Backed by deeply-felt double-bass strumming and jazzy piano riffs, it encompasses Yaya Bey’s talent as a trailblazer of new-era blues and soul music. Make sure to also tune into her New York Times-acclaimed album, and look out for her next.

‘G Lay’ by Joe James

If you belong to the Joe James fan-cult, you’ve probably already listened to his latest single on repeat…and memorised the punchline lyrics. The Essex-born rapper delivers incredible wordplay on this track and, as ever, succeeds in bringing a soothing sound to hard-hitting production.

'Cellulite' by AUDREY NUNA

'Cellulite' is a product of AUDREY NUNA's self-proclaimed ‘bionic mutation phase’. In simpler terms, the Korean-American artist is operating outside of musical boundaries - where lies creative euphoria and the cyberpop sound channelled in this single. In the American-trap scene Audrey Nuna is already a well-known name - the infamous Jack Harlow features on one of her tracks - and 'Cellulite' deserves an introduction across the Atlantic.

'secrets' by Kiana

‘secrets’ is the latest genre-bending track by Toronto-based R&B luminary Kiana. Fusing moody, soulful vocals with a soundscape reminiscent of 80s pop, the single is a showcase of the emerging artist’s versatility. It will also feature on Kiana's upcoming EP, and after getting in on her ‘secrets’, you’ll want to keep your ears pricked for this second project.

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