Aeris Roves treats us to a preview of his debut mixtape in his new short film Tunnel Vision.

Aeris Roves is the R&B star the UK has been waiting for. Born in Yorkshire, he moved to South East London with his dad at aged ten and immediately adopted the city as his home. Now he’s crafting some of the most fully realised R&B music in the country, pulling in influences as diverse as Frank Ocean, Roy Orbison and northern soul to create a smooth, distinctly modern sound. America’s coolest teenager, Billie Eilish is already a fan and for good reason. Today, Roves announces his debut mixtape Moon By Island Gardens, featuring contributions from the likes of Two Inch Punch and Mssingo it will be the first complete statement from the rising singer.


Ahead of the release later this year he’s sharing a taster of what to expect in the form of a new short film Tunnel Vision. Premeiring on Notion today, it’s a moody teaser, running the gamut from spectral love songs to more stripped back soul-inspired tracks, Roves touring the city by bike, distant and disconnected from the world around him. Speaking about the film Aeris Roves said “‘Tunnel Vision’ is more a visual representation of sensitivities. During that period of my life, I seemed to only be able to focus on one situation. The thing that I was feeling seemed to cloud my judgement and everything seemed a little more surreal. It was like walking daily through thought tunnels that were invisible to me but at the same time able to affect my perception.” Watch the short film below.

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