With a voice that's effortlessly soulful, and lyrics often honest and vulnerable, Aeris Roves is a true representation of UK R&B at its finest. Find out what tracks are taking his fancy right now...

Let me introduce you to Aeris Roves, fusing elements of soul, gospel, hip-hop and R&B into each of his tracks, this South-Yorkshire born and London-bred talent has supported the likes of Billie Eilish and Omar Apollo and is now taking to UK stages this autumn. With an already sold-out performance in London, this songwriter-producer is definitely one to keep a lookout for.


Kyle Miller takes on the pseudonym Aeris Roves, Aeris translating into “atmosphere” and Roves, “travel”; there is an element of freedom and transformation that comes with this name. Perhaps this is due to the artist’s upbringing and him witnessing his parents’ separation and addiction. As a result, growing up Aeris found solace in football, before joining a choir and then took to producing his own songs – an act which gave birth to his atmospherically grounded debut album ‘Moon By Island Gardens’ in 2018. 


Aeris’ latest track, ‘Offline’, produced by Paul Epworth, successfully emits Frank Ocean-esque vibes whilst reflecting on the artificiality found online, particularly on social media, and the new age anxieties that come with that. His mastery of language is beautifully coupled with a video which fully encapsulates the protagonist’s exhaustion and frustration for ‘something real’ amid the sea of posers and flashing lights. 


If you haven’t had enough of Aeris Roves yet, be sure to have a listen to the tracks that take this up and coming star’s fancy. If you want more Aeris in your life then you’re in luck as Aeris is performing tonight at Omeara London!

"Waiting In Vain" by Bob Marley

"The concept is what keeps me going back to this record."

"Too Deep To Turn Back" by Daniel Caesar

"My favourite from Case Study 01."

"Pyramids" by Frank Ocean

"The imagery in this track is unrivalled for me. The first track I heard by Frank."

"Nights" by Frank Ocean

"My favourite from Blonde. The transition is legendary."

"Ghost Town" by Kanye West

"I think this was most listened to track of 2018 on Spotify."

"Her" by Majid Jordan

"It’s been a staple in my rotation since it was released in 2014."

"Girl" by The Internet

"I wish I wrote this bassline. Syd is also the coolest."

"Come Over [Missing You]" by Busy Signals

"Melodies + The reggae skank are winning combo for me."

"Bless Ur Heart" by Serpent With Feet

"This song for me is like an ecosystem. Everything just works together to create an environment."

"When The Party’s Over" by Billie Eilish

"I stayed every night of the tour just so I could hear this over and over."

"Yesterday" by The Beatles

"Don’t really need to say much about this one."

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