Magsy returns with his latest irresistible, synth-heavy offering: latest single “GREEDY”.

Fresh off the release of his ‘Brite Nite’ EP release, synth-funk producer and rising artist Magsy returns with latest single “GREEDY”.  The track follows singles like, “Truth Is” and “Noisy Mind”, upbeat mission statements that solidify Magsy’s bright future, as well as his current status as popstar-in-waiting.


Magsy’s musical journey was an unusual one. Having been born into a biracial family, music guided his journey of self-realisation. Growing up, Magsy experienced isolation and questioning of his identity due to not fitting neatly into restrictive societal roles. Subsequently, he began writing songs at just 14, and his journey began. In another unusual twist, he spent early years working in construction. Reflecting on how this aided his career, Magsy explains: “Funny enough, I think that construction has made me a better musician as I believe my two hands are just as capable as any developed an appreciation for hard graft alongside a love for creation.”


Magsy’s career so far has been varied, including collaborative stints working with K-Pop artists in South Korea. His latest project “GREEDY”, captures the sensation of consuming and intoxicating love, as Magsy repeatedly confesses, I’m greedy, I can’t get enough of you. Speaking on the track, he explains “For someone like myself who really enjoys pop music, it’s refreshing to not have a self deprecating record release. It’s important that I don’t take myself too seriously and even more important to not be so quick to apologize for something you know is pure hearted.”

Stream "GREEDY" below:


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