Magsy has dropped a new groover of a single, "NOISY MIND".

Indie pop star Magsy has found a fulfilling outlet for his questions of identity and place in music. He has shown a keenness to both delve deep into introspective territory by writing out his deepest thoughts, but also in learning from the experiences of others on collaborative stints working with K-Pop artists in South Korea and various artists in the Los Angeles artistic scene.


From this searching has come an individual and fresh brand of indie-pop that intersperses piercing self-insight with groovy, summery rhythms. It’s all on display in his new tune, “NOISY MIND”, which kicks off a 2022 that’s sure to be busy for the artist.


The tune tackles the painful experience of being left alone with your thoughts after a break-up and all the harsh self-criticism that can ensue, but there’s a resolutely cheerful vibe to it still – a desire to make the feelings memorable and entertaining. It’s reflected in the exuberant music video, where Magsy dances through the empty night-time streets of LA like nobody’s watching, giving himself the distraction he craves through total lack of inhibition.


On the song, he says, “There’s self-deprecation in the verses, but acceptance in the chorus. It gives me the same knot in my stomach every time I listen to it, so I know it’s real.”

Listen below:


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