Billy Lockett gives pain a stage to be performed on, with the release of his new music video ‘Hard Act to Follow’.

Transparency presents itself to us as being the common thread that seamlessly interweaves itself between the single ‘Hard Act to Follow’ and the music video. Immediately, we come to see the barebones creation of the visual, from the director’s clapper board to the cameras and even Billy’s cameo. Through his lyrical honesty and euphonious-yet-smooth vocals, the singer-songwriter conveys the burden of heartbreak and an overwhelming sense of heavy-heartedness. All the while Alex Komulainen, an award-winning Finnish dancer, effortlessly carries the weight of this pain, through his choreography striking the balance between being polished but still being able to capture this feeling of melancholic rawness and fragility. 


‘Hard Act to Follow’, is one of the many singles on Billy’s brand new EP ‘Reset’, which is set to be released on November 22nd. Inspired by his inability to make music that was reflective of his true self as a result of pressure from his previous record label, ‘Reset’ allowed Billy the freedom to go back to his roots and re-establish a musical identity that he could be proud of. 

“I almost feel as though ‘Hard Act To Follow’ is the song I’ve spent my life looking for. I’ve recently had my heart broken into a million pieces and this song is therapy for me. As much as it kills me to sing and listen to it, I needed to write this song. Anyone going through heartbreak will understand this tune, I truly mean every word in this song and have never been this excited about anything in my career before” Billy revealed about the latest track to us.


If you’ve been captivated by Billy’s lyrical mastery and stunning voice, then be sure to take a look at his tour dates for next year. But for now, check out the breathlessly stunning ‘Hard Act to Follow’.