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Rising indie star Havelock is bringing new flavours to the scene with his unique brand of off-beat alt-pop.

Like Fruitcake. That’s not the comparison most artists would provide when asked to describe their music, but that is exactly what comes to mind for indie artist Havelock.


The more we think about it, the more it makes sense. Juicy, complex, addictive with just the right amount of kick, Havelock’s feel-good music captures the essence of this delicious treat and so much more.


A newcomer to the indie scene, Havelock released his first single “Pig Latin” in March this year. Once people got a taste for his music they wanted more, so Havelock hit the ground running, putting out a slew of singles that cemented his unique sound as one to watch. Eclectic and emotive, Havelock’s music blends alt-pop with indie and RnB in a way that is catchy, honest and wonderfully relatable.


Through down to earth lyrics and visceral imagery, Havelock captures the scenes and feelings of millennial life, the comforts and angst, life’s small triumphs and troubles we are so accustomed to. His standout single “Vacancy” and much of his other music was inspired by his very own struggles as an aspiring artist.


Born and raised in a small town in Kent, Havelock decided the country lifestyle wasn’t his slice of cake and moved to London in 2016 to search of his own passion, drawn by the buzz of city living. He sofa-surfed, working part-time jobs to make ends meet while he hustled to make his artistic dreams a reality. Documenting his frustrations and thoughts through music was a means of catharsis and ended up being the key to achieving the artistic career he’d been striving for. With each new single Havelock releases, he adds another ingredient to his music and brings out unexpected nuances and sonic flavours. Havelock’s ADHD comes into play here, pushing him to explore with music in new and experimental ways. What was once a limitation as a child is now a source of artistic strength. Blending hip-hop beats with hazy vocals and indie guitar riffs, Havelock forges his own distinct style which is infectious in its lack of convention.


Not one to rest on his laurels, Havelock is already back in the studio, working on material which branches further into new styles and sounds. We can’t wait to sink our teeth into whatever confections come next from the mind of this exciting new artist.


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How did you begin your journey in music?

My connection to music began through playing the guitar. I really wanted to be a little rockstar when I was younger. Rock music was all I really listened to when I started playing at the age of 9.

What is your creative process like when it comes to making music?

Over the last year, almost every song that I’ve written has been in collaboration with other artists/producers/songwriters. Collaboration is such an integral part of what I do. I find that having someone else in the room can always spur on ideas that are unfamiliar and exciting. I almost always start with music and then add lyrics and melody after. I always feel that the music sets the tone, and then the lyrics will be inspired by that mood. I also spend some of my spare time writing poetry, so there have been instances where I’ve built the music around the poetry.

One album that defines you as an artist?

Oof. It’s a big ask to narrow it down to 1 singular project. Listening to any of the albums by Gorillaz for the first time was always a pivotal moment for me. The way that they seamlessly glide through different styles and genres and still make it connect it with the masses is so inspiring.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given as an artist?

Don’t Overthink Shit. WHOAH KENNY! (If you know, you know).

What is one key message you want to get across in your music?

Having been directly or indirectly affected by mental health issues and stigmas a number of times, I want my music to make other young men like me, going through the motions of adulthood, to feel liberated by hearing me being emotionally-upfront and vulnerable in my lyrics. Too many young men are told or feel that they have to uphold a hard exterior and aren’t open about their vulnerabilities. It’s old fashioned, and above everything else, toxic.

What else in life inspires your music?

My environment has always been a major influence. The fast-paced nature of London keeps me constantly motivated and mentally stimulated.

What’s next for you?

Gonna start exploring different and more challenging sounds in my next EP. Expect the full release at the very start of next year. However, there will be a few singles released that will tide you lot over until then, though.

If we were to have this conversation again in one year – what would you like to have achieved?

100% a Glastonbury performance.

What’s one fact people may not know about you yet?

I have an anonymous hip-hop/rap alter-ego.

What’s the best thing about living in London right now?

The unpredictability of it – you never know what you’re going to stumble into. Each part of London is so different from the next, and it’s amazing to meet people from all different walks of life here.

What is something you wish you could say to your younger self?

You’re a G. Don’t compromise who you are to fit into anyone else’s agenda.

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