Musical messenger with a voice created to heal, Sam Way visualises a space where we can all be heroes in our own light.

Taking a musical stance against the multiple humanitarian crises occurring around the world, singer-songwriter Sam Way releases his first heartfelt single of 2019. Demanding a cry for answers in his latest visuals, Heroes is a passive political response to the turbulence in the USA with the administration of President Trump. Taking his concerns worldwide, Sam also bases his musical narrative around Brexit, which is just around the corner.

Hopeful for change, Sam states that the social and political issues worldwide are “…just too important to not write about!”, which we clap our hands to. Not every day is a love story, but happier days are on its way. Inviting a strong ambience of self-reflection, Sam carefully layers a rhythmic electronic base over faintly rich harmonies, pieced together with melancholic piano sounds. Spreading his deeply concerning message with the world, this political artist hopes that we can all find the hero in ourselves, rather than looking for others to make a change.

A genuine artist with an abundant amount of love to share with the world, Sam is planning on spreading more positive energy in his next five singles and an EP, all due to be released at the end of this year. 


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