Rising star Abby Sage steps firmly into her own spotlight and cleanses us with her stunning debut single 'Holy Water'.

Say hello to your newest left-pop obsession as Abby Sage release her debut single into the world in the form of ‘Holy Water’.


A track that is ultimately about self-fulfilment – something that we could all benefit from in these troubling times. It’s the perfect time to reflect on your life; what do you save space for? And what could you remove from your life to make space for better things? ‘Holy Water’ by Abby Sage is the ultimate song to reflect with these questions in mind.


Speaking on the track, Abby revealed, “For a while, I found myself actively avoiding love and deeper connection because I felt like I owed it to myself to prioritize my growth and my wellbeing. When I really analyzed these feelings over summer and began incorporating them into my writing, I found balance. Holy Water is a reminder that no matter how warm and fulfilling love can be, I am my own power first and it is my responsibility to ensure my mind and body are taken care of before pouring myself into anything else.”


We can’t wait to hear what Abby Sage does next, but for now, dive into the premiere of ‘Holy Water’ below!