American songwriting duo Far Places are back with a synth-heavy pop anthem filled with 80s nostalgia and infectious melodies titled 'Homecoming'.

Songwriting power-duo Far Places begin their origins crafting music from opposite sides of America. Starting off as university friends, the team found their following online due to their infectious hooks, nostalgic synth soundscapes, and prolific lyricism. It’s no wonder that legions of fans are awaiting their releases online.


Take their latest release for example – ‘Homecoming’ is the ultimate embodiment of who Far Places are as artists. Filled to the brim with waving synths that harken back to the glorious 80s and is charged like a lightning bolt with vocalist Fallon Bridgeland’s infectious melodies. An emotive and expanding pop sound, to say the least, Far Places hit you in your feels with their raw and honest lyrics every time.


Speaking on the new track, Far Places revealed, “Homecoming is about the past and present colliding. It’s about going back to that town and seeing that person again. You become who you used to be for a while, taking refuge from current life with someone from the past. This record is about collecting the moments and relationships we carry around with us, our memorabilia.”


The magic they have created is surprisingly done through FaceTime calls to proving that their creativity is at one with each other due to their understanding of their relationship. Having had a taste of touring, Far Places is making plans to go on a full US tour.


Until then, dig your teeth into Homecoming below!