Abhi The Nomad makes a grand introduction into 2019 today with 'House Of Clocks' from his upcoming project 'Modern Trash'.

The upcoming collaboration with Harrison Sands is a forward-thinking hip-hop jam with an undeniable unique slant. Speaking on the track, Abhi stated “House of Clocks is about owning the consequences for your actions, as humans. It’s not anti-religion so much as a recognition that only we as people can save ourselves, and stop destroying the planet. Plus, we’re running out of time to fix mistakes.”


An independent artist who has picked up support from the likes of NPR, Consequence Of Sound and racked up millions of streams online, Abhi The Nomad lives up to his name. A citizen of the world who lived in 8 countries before the age of 21, Abhi cultivates his life experiences into a blend of indie tinged hip hop inspired by his holistic worldview. Wherever he was in the world, he noticed the same patterns, regardless of the place. Waste. Decay. Trash. That’s what Abhi’s next album, Modern Trash, is all about – trying to save a planet that is clearly crying for help before it’s too late.


Check out the exclusive premiere of ‘House of Clocks’ below!