From the streets to the runway, hygge has been everywhere in Copenhagen for AW24 FW, but what exactly is the hygge that we speak of?

Copenhagen AW24 Fashion Week kicked off on Monday and once again Scandinavia’s style capital is proving difficult to ignore. New names, like cult menswear label Mfpen, and established brands like J. Lindeberg, will undoubtedly provide some of the week’s talking points, but from the shows we’ve seen so far, it seems hygge is all the rave in Denmark this season.  


You’re probably wondering, what the f* is hygge? It’s a difficult word to translate into English, but to the Danes, it embodies a sense of cosiness: the warmth of a blanket, the light emitted from a candle or the steam from a hot cup of tea could all be considered inherently “hygge”.  


Look closely, and it’s everywhere; the aesthetic may be a Danish concept but we Brits have been practising the way of life for years. That blanket over your knees at an overpriced coffee shop? It screams hygge. So’s the roaring fire in your local pub, the trapper hat on your mate’s head and the mohair scarf wrapped around the neck of a passing commuter. 


Perhaps, at Copenhagen FW, hygge was felt most in Rolf Ekroth’s show. Evoking memories of watching winter sports while growing up, the collection featured Nordic knitwear in a range of styles, from oversized v-neck jumpers to hybrid hat-scarves and broach accessories. It’s all very convivial, clean and friendly living, reflective of the ambience Danish culture promotes. 

J.Lindeberg’s rave-inspired sportswear brought a whole different vibe to Copenhagen on day two. There was an air of the après about the collection that certainly aligned with hygge’s warming essence. Furry bucket hats, cushy mohair cardigans and a range of balaclavas added strikingly unconventional elements to a runway show revelling in clubland.  


Elsewhere, STAMM’s imposing puffer jacket silhouettes and grungy sweatshirts helped to redefine what hygge could be entirely. Pillowcase handbags for portable napping and boxy cuts for ultimate relaxation made sure that Elisabet Stamm’s eponymous label provided a highlight on what was an incredibly busy day two. 


With a few full days left on Copenhagen’s AW24 Fashion Week schedule, who knows where hygge will be taken next. One thing’s for certain though, is that nowhere does quiet comfort quite like Denmark. If anything, the Danes’ persistence on form and functionality only proves why they’re some of Europe’s best dressed; we could all take a leaf out of their cosy and comforting practices this season.

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