Lyves has released her comeback single, "How Would It Feel".

A pandemic ago, Lyves broke new ground creating dynamic and progressive R&B music which earned her plaudits from across the musical press for her emotionally powerful lyrics and engaging, thoughtful production.


Now, two years on, she has returned to show the world what she has been creating in the interim – a brand new era that will begin with the upcoming EP, ‘Change’. The first taste comes in her highly anticipated comeback single, “How Would It Feel”.


With the new single, Lyves pushes her sound ever further forward, dipping into nostalgic sounds from the history of R&B and soul while recruiting from the best and brightest collaborators such as pianist Samuel Crowe to bring an effortlessly contemporary feel to the surface. In the song, Lyves lets her own thoughts and anxieties spool out ahead of her, allowing the listener to delve into her vulnerabilities at a pace which she dictates. The changeable nature of the tune allows Lyves to flex the full extent of her production experience in marshalling several instruments, and to create the fullest and most expansive soundscape possible.


On the song, she says, Lyrically, it feels like a letter to myself from the subconscious – I very rarely plan what I’m writing about before I improvise or put pen to paper. It feels like a stream of consciousness, where I allow my intuition to take the lead. Listening back today, I suppose it’s about loving someone but not wanting to acknowledge that you’re in it alone – you can sense the other person slowly slipping away and therefore you try harder, but the harder you try, the faster they eventually disappear. ‘How Would It Feel’ feels like one last deep-dive into hope – a daydream into what it would be like if things were to work out […] if we couldn’t lose”.

Listen here:


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