Lyves explores a loss in the second part of her ongoing 8 Rooms series, Rest Your Head.

Lyves‘ new single ‘Rest Your Head’ is delicate in all the right ways. Balancing her distinctive, brassy voice with a spacious, ethereal instrumental, it’s a melancholic farewell of a track, a song that feeds on the ambiguity of loss. Peace and despair are present in equal measure, Lyves’ unmistakable vocal carrying a depth of emotion few singers so early in their career can muster. Those same sentiments are present in the accompanying the video for ‘Rest Your Head’, premiering today on Notion. Following the journey of a mother and her adult son what starts a light-hearted road trip soon becomes something more surreal and sombre, memories fading and imaginings of what might have been replacing them.


‘Rest Your Head’ is the second single and video from Lyves’ 8 Rooms project which sees the singer release a new track and accompanying short film or video every month. Speaking about the video director, Francesca Castelbuono said “After listening to “Rest Your Head” I set out to capture the song’s sense of loss and melancholic longing for an absent something or loved one, mixed with the awareness that they might never return. In the film, reality, memory, and fantasy merge in portraying the grief of a mother coming to terms with the loss of her son, as she revisits their loving and conflictual relationship. This representation of loss can be interpreted as tangible or metaphorical. Regardless, I hope this intimate portrait of a mother and son’s relationship will move you.” Watch the premiere of ‘Rest Your Head’ below.


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