Liz Cass has released a new video for latest single, "Human", a raw depiction of personal struggles.

Singer-songwriter Liz Cass is an artist not afraid to wear her heart on her musical sleeve. London-based, it was a chance meeting with Bath-based producer Ed Graves that set Cass’ musical output into motion. Having once been a young choral scholar, electronic orchestral tones offer an ethereal quality to the singer’s work, alongside her knack for storytelling.


Making alternative pop with a relatable edge, “Human”, the latest single from her debut album ‘The Words’, once again lays her feelings bare. The video was recorded live at the Rainbow Wood Studio in Bath, where Liz wrote the song with Graves, who also appears in the video. Drummer Dan Lewis-Neale also appears, a musician with a heavy feature on the forthcoming album.


About her heartfelt track, Liz has described how “Human” was one of the first songs she wrote in 2021, feeling “isolated” after a second lockdown. As reflected by the lyrics, “Does it make me a little less human”, the artist describes the sentiment as the notion “we are all just human and muddling through”. She continues, “I had a lot of pent up feelings to get off my chest and we wrote ‘Human’. It wasn’t originally intended for the album as I thought it was finished but it’s become one of the most important songs on there for me.”

Watch the new visuals for "Human" below:


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