Liz Cass builds on the hype of her previous singles with a shimmering new synth gem, titled "Teardrops".

A purveyor of stunning alt-pop music, Liz Cass is an emotionally literate artist casting spells with shimmering productions. Building an upward trajectory thanks to a slew of successful singles, released on Ultra Records, the singer-songwriter has developed a distinct style that speaks to her artistic resilience. Released today, “Teardrops” is a riveting new single which plays on her vintage tones and cinematic ambience.  


Liz developed a love for music in school choirs, where she quickly honed her vocal craft and captured people’s minds. Having to move at a young age, she later found sanctuary in drama departments, showing a natural ability to perform and realising that the arts was her deeper calling. Studio sessions with esteemed producers like Fraser T. Smith, who’s worked with Adele, Stormzy and Dave, followed, but only now is she realising the full potential of her musical capabilities.  


Tender and tranquilising, “Teardrops” is a whimsical new single that displays Liz’s full vocal range. It’s difficult to not be enchanted by the singer’s swinging falsettos, which are guided by echoing synths and shimmering electronica. Taking a scenic route to the top, don’t be mistaken, Liz’s time is now. 

Stream "Teardrops" below:


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