Brooklyn-based poet in the making Aaron Taos releases his latest DIY homage to returning to an old flame even though you know you'll get burned in 'I Just Fell In Love With My Ex'.

New Yorker Aaron Taos is on the rise and for good reason. With his heartfelt, comedic and ultimately endearing pop anthems about the hurdles that every twenty-something faces and Aaron’s smooth voice, it’s no wonder people are falling in love.


Aaron’s discography so far plays like a cinematic homage to the highs and lows of life featured in coming of age movies, with New York as the landscape to which is his indie-alternative sound finds it’s home. What better example than his latest release, ‘I Just Fell In Love With My Ex’, to perfectly embody what this rising star is all about. Returning back to an old lover seems great at the time, especially through your rose-tinted lenses. Unfortunately, nostalgia is a dirty liar that gets the better of us. But listening to Aaron’s sweet voice makes the disappointment a little easier to take.


Starting off 2020 on the right foot, we can’t wait to see what this American lover gets up to next as his songs present themselves like chapters of his life and his voice is the soundtrack to his stories.