Dive into the stunning collaboration from Johan Lenox and Rence in their infectious new single 'I Need A Vacation'.

Following on from the release of his celebrated ‘cancel the party’ EP, Suburban maestro Johan Lenox crafts another amalgamation of classical pop featuring the rising star Rence.


‘I Need A Vacation’ showcases the ones to watch in all their glory, which is reinforced by the relatable and enigmatic single. The duo joined together for this track over their mutual love for reflecting on relationships – from the good, the bad and definitely, the ugly. However, the focus was an underlying message of hope and creativity embedded in the track’s DNA and how they worked together for this track.


Speaking on ‘I Need A Vacation’, Johan Lenox revealed, “A year ago I was at Six Flags, riding roller coasters alone as I often do, and I discovered Rence’s music on Spotify. I was a huge fan of his writing and production so at the suggestion of our mutual friend, producer Frans Mernick, we all got together to write this song. We bonded over our mutual distaste for toxic relationship situations where someone talks about the other behind their back yet keeps wanting to hang out. We combined Frans’s drum production with Rence’s sampling ideas and structural sensibilities and my orchestral sounds. We built on each other’s vocal melodies and lyrics, changing and evolving the song numerous times until it became what it is now.”


Dive into the exclusive premiere of the relatable and addictive new track below, and keep your eyes peeled for more to come in 2020.