Musical polymath and designer Ananya invites listeners to step into her world with her debut EP.

Ananya’s music is more than just a carefully woven tapestry of melodies; it’s a genuine reflection of her character. Carrying this authenticity into her debut EP, ‘i woke up one night’, the artist offers an enthralling journey through the intricate pathways and enigmas of her inner thoughts. While enticing listeners into her pop-infused soundscapes, Ananya beckons us to join her as she navigates the ever-changing currents of her mind.


The EP’s 7 tracks kick off with a hazy, guitar-driven power pop tune called ‘bad for you’, a track immersing us in the whirlwind of an initial revelation and unexpected truth that she encountered in a nightmare. Encapsulating her empowered transformation, the theme of self-discovery is echoed in ‘I’m too nice’, a candid exploration of moments when we yearn to stand against bullies but wrestle with the paradox of wanting to protect their feelings.


We see reality and dreams converge in the track ‘gone (forever)’, a soaring pop composition that echoes the universal sentiment of embracing self-worth, while ‘moon’ unpacks the emotional turmoil of unreciprocated gestures. The EP then takes a reflective interlude with ‘october’ a melancholic meander through past regrets, alongside ‘macy gracy’ which serves as an ode to memory and inspiration, enveloped in a heartfelt ballad. Ananya’s project reaches its pinnacle with ‘I feel so new’, a triumphant anthem to the indomitable human spirit, reminding us of our boundless ability to reshape our destinies regardless of our pasts, bringing the EP to a memorable close.

Listen to 'i woke up one night':


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