London-based Zimbabwean artist Ananya returns with bittersweet pop ballad, 'macy gray'.

Having made waves with her debut EP, i woke up one night, music artist, creative and designer Ananya is back with new offering ‘macy gray’ – a catchy and characteristically relatable pop ballad that weighs in on bittersweet memories of a love lost. Harnessing painful feelings of nostalgia, mixed emotions and lingering love, the track stemmed from a personal introspective experience Ananya had. Sitting at her piano, the London-based Zimbabwean artist was compelled to delve into a question playing on her mind – can a cherished memory survive heartbreak and retain its purity?


Adding another layer to the song, the lyrics “No matter how hard I try, these are the things I try not to remember you by” pay tribute to icon Macy Gray (and her moving track ‘I Try’), an artist Ananya has been influenced by deeply.


Gentle but powerful in sound, it’s a Ananya’s own mixed feelings about the question are laced throughout ‘macy gray’, which feels fittingly cathartic for a journey of pining, questioning and, ultimately, resolution. Diving into emotional grey areas and blurred lines, it’s a track that feels resonant for anyone going through the motions of loss.

Listen to 'macy gray' now:


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