Emerging from the fog of cloudy confusion comes LA-based artist, MOSSS, with his latest hazy day single "IDK".

MOSSS, the enigmatic producer, writer and singer has released his more than highly-anticipated EP, ‘Pale Blue’, after branching on his own from the production duo Noise Club.


Ready to claim what’s rightfully his in his own spotlight, ‘Pale Blue’ is the perfect debut EP to release with its soft and hazy touch that washes over you like the shore on a warm day. Despite its tender approach, the lyricism embedded within the tracks stop you in your tracks, particularly with MOSSS’ latest single, “IDK”.


With an almost nonchalant approach to its title, “IDK” stems from the confusion and uncertainty surrounding everything in life, except for your feelings for a person despite that relationship being called into question. Speaking on the track, MOSSS revealed “Uncertainty in a relationship makes everything cloudy.  When I wrote ‘IDK’, I was at a point where I was questioning everything with the exception of how strongly I felt about the person I was writing about.  It felt like the only piece of clarity I had in what was otherwise a fog of worry and doubt.”


It’s clear that MOSSS is finally doing things his own way, and he has no one to impress but himself. Dig into the latest track “IDK” by MOSS below!