Former contestant of The Voice, Ashley Levin, steps into her own light and unleashes a no-holds-barred single on heartbreak of long-distance relationships with 'If'.

R&B songstress Ashley Levin came into the public spotlight on the American hit show The Voice. Continuing to take centre stage, Levin’s solo work is taking off to the stars.


Speaking on the release of ‘If’, Ashley revealed, “If is about a relationship … or rather, a  ‘non-relationship’ I had with a guy right after I broke up with my ex of 3 years. Things were long distance, so it kept getting more and more confusing. Great when we were together but then absolutely mystifying when we weren’t. Everything was so cloudy and indistinct… I couldn’t handle it. The song expresses exactly how I felt. I wasn’t gonna wait around anymore for a guy or any situation that wasn’t ever gonna be what I wanted”.


We can’t wait to see what this Miami native does next as her sultry vocals and emotive lyrics have us captivated from the very beginning. Dig into Ashley Levin’s ‘If’ below!