Immerse yourself in the ominous and cinematic world created by Jack Colwell in his latest track "In My Dreams".

Australian singer and composer Jack Colwell continues to inspire with his divine musical creations that are full of contemporary drama where old meets new.


Following in the footsteps of confessional singer/songwriters, Jack Colwell is an artist of the truest sense. “In My Dreams” is a dark yet heavenly masterpiece that was birthed from an apparent fever dream.


Speaking on the track, Jack revealed “When I was writing the song, I was heavily influenced by Renaissance and Golden Age paintings that depicted violent scenes. I found it really fascinating how something so beautiful could also be so tortured. I collected images that I passed onto the director who immediately caught onto what I was trying to express with my music. We decided that we should go straight to the destination described in the song: the rolling hills and fabled woods of England.”


That is exactly what Colwell and director Joe Nankin did. Check out the exclusive premiere of the haunting yet dreamlike “In My Dreams” below off of Jack Colwell’s upcoming album.