Recently releasing her new single "Hectic" and gearing for her biggest headline show at April 15th at London's Outernet, iconic DJ Jodie Harsh makes us an exclusive mix ready for a late night rave.

Hey Jodie! How did you choose the tracks to put this mix together?

I wanted this mix to sound like a late night rave somewhere ambiguous – could be south London, could be Chicago, could be Romania. It’s anywhere dark and loud, and I’m dancing with my friends. 

Was there any external influence or inspirations?

I always pull influences right across the house and disco board, I love four to the floor dance music in general, so I’m always referencing the conception of disco and later the conception of house. A lot of the music I make uses sounds from those days (I’m married to the 808 and the 909) and I always try to keep that authentic bite. That’s the music I’m drawn to for my DJ sets too. 

Where do you imagine people listening to the mix?

I had a sift through my USB’s and pulled out some of the tracks I’ve been playing over the past few months by some of my favourite producers. It’s less of a commercial sound, more late night, but Fergie makes a little appearance somewhere in there!

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