Viennese artist Sofie Royer creates an eclectic mix for Notion and chats about her overactive imagination.

Triple threat Sofie Royer is a true performance artist. Fusing a mix of baroque, opera and ballet into her shows, the multi-disciplinarian has shared her second single of the year, “Baker Miller Pink”. It follows recent single “Schweden Espresso”.


Speaking on the new track, Sofie explained: “‘Baker Miller Pink’ is also known as P-618, Schauss pink, or Drunk-Tank Pink and is a tone of pink which has been observed to temporarily reduce hostile, violent or aggressive behaviour. To quote Boy George, loving would be easy if your colours were like my dreams. In a world where everything is so flatlined and indoctrinating, ‘Baker Miller Pink’ serves as a protest song against this”. 

Sofie wants to “encourage one’s own imagination and dreams to rise to the surface. Written specifically about a movement and scene I was trying to challenge, the lyrics ended up having the ability to call me out just as much as the next everygirl.”


Get to know Sofie a bit better, and hear her exclusive, electic “musical diary” of a mix below!

Congratulations on your new single ‘Baker Miller Pink’, which you created to “encourage one’s own imagination and dreams to rise to the surface”. How do you spark your own imagination and dreams?

Honestly, I have a pretty overactive imagination already!

The song was written about a “movement and scene I was trying to challenge”. Can you dive deeper into this?

I read almost incessantly, and I guess this is just me trying to process and critique things I’ve come across that I don’t necessarily agree with. I have no desire to call anything out, so writing a little dancey song is my way of doing that.

You recently featured on Toro y Moi‘s new album, ‘Mahal’. How did that collaboration come about? What did you enjoy most about working with him?

Chaz and I go way back, I booked his first Boiler Room show many years ago and we’ve stayed in touch since! I have nothing but complete admiration for his music and how he’s unfolded his artistry over the years, and I was beyond thrilled to work with him!

You’re also on tour with him this October (UK and EU). What can people expect from your show?

It’s really going to be a show with a capital S, heavily influenced by baroque cabaret and opera, and will hopefully provide a contextual backdrop for my songs.

You’re one of the founding members of Boiler Room. How does it feel to see the immense success that the platform has had on the music landscape?

Technically, there is only one founder of the company, though I was one of the earliest people involved. It was nice to watch it grow at first, though there was a lot of pressure and I was definitely overworked!

As a resident DJ for NTS Radio, how do you ensure your shows stay fresh? Do you have any other tips for rising radio DJs?

I actually — as of December this year, and some 8 years or so later — taken a hiatus from it, simply because between studying at two universities and my work as an artist and musician didn’t really allow for it — but the music was always just songs I was listening to that month, kind of like a musical diary of sorts. If you’re keen on music I think that just naturally translates, without particular regard of needing to ascribe to any type of convention.

How did you go about choosing the songs for your exclusive Notion mix?

That same way!

What would be the ideal listening experience for the mix?

On your waterproof mp3 player at the swimming pool! In a car on the freeway! Taking yourself on a walk! At home at night! On a rollercoaster! Everywhere Music for Every1.

Besides the tour, what else do you have on the cards for this year?

This fall is busy — there’s a solo headline tour planned and my very first solo show of paintings, plus some publications!