Say hello to your new internet crush, Isanna, the American-German multi-hyphenate creative who is not afraid to get in her feels with the release of her latest track 'Moshpit of Emotions'.

With nomadic beliefs running through Isanna, the embodiment of this freedom is embedded within her DNA and definitely heard throughout her music.


Take her latest track, ‘Moshpit of Emotion’, an electropop anthem that is “inspired by the sheer force and beauty of epiphany.” Isanna revealed. “I wrote it in a synaesthetic episode, flooded with feeling and emotion all at once, as if my ideas and thoughts had suddenly taken shapes and were spinning around me in a colourful “moshpit”. It’s about knowing nothing at all in the present, and yet, every now and then, catching a glimpse of a bright future. I feel that now, more than ever, is the time to release this track. I hope it puts a little bit of colour back into the world.”


With a heavy background in classical music, her self-taught production cements Isanna’s music as sitting peacefully at the intersection of nostalgic electropop anthems that captivate the listener through Isanna’s storytelling that narrates the duality of the human condition.


We catch up with the rising artist amidst isolation to talk star signs, creativity and what’s to come for the one to watch!

How have you been doing during all of this craziness?

Besides a few moments of existential panic, I’ve been pretty chilled! Lockdown isn’t much of a leap from my typical routine, since production kind of confines me to my quarters anyway haha.
What are your tips on staying positive/creative when times are tough?
Know that creativity is there to help you. It’s like a safe mental space where you can cry or laugh hysterically. The most important thing is not to judge yourself for how you feel or think that you need to be positive all of the time. I think I’ve made some of my best material while I was sad or feeling uncertain.

How would you best describe your sound?

It’s electropop, through and through. But it’s always got different shades. And I feel like even when my beats sound happy, the lyrics are always somehow nostalgic or melancholic. 
What inspired you to begin your journey as a creative?
I say this every time, but it was hearing Ellie Goulding’s first album ‘Lights’. It was kinda breathtaking. I was like, damn, I want to do that too.
What are some of your first musical memories?
When I was a kid I was always singing something weird to myself under my breath. I didn’t think about it back then, but those were my first experiences writing songs. When I taught myself to play the acoustic guitar, I could finally grab those lyrics floating around my head and create something cohesive (even though those first songs of mine were pretty grim, to be honest).

What energy do you want to portray within your work?

Emily Dickinson featuring heavy bass type of energy. 
What’s your star sign? Are you like your star sign?
I’m a Gemini thank you SO much for asking, and I am 1000% like my zodiac sign. I have a super divided personality and can go from light to dark-side in about 10 seconds flat. I think that duality comes through in most of my music. 
What does your creative process look like?
I write and produce all of my own material, so my creative process is a bit scattered. I wouldn’t say I’ve entirely figured it out just yet. But I typically pull concepts from my journal and start my production based around that feeling. Lyrics come last, usually.

When was the last time you cried?

Yesterday. I was PMS-ing. Enough said. 

What would the name of your autobiography be?

Pop-Sensible and Radio-Friendly.