From being a DJ and broadcaster to label owner, promoter and journalist, we ask: Is there anything that Jaguar can’t do?

“I’m hyperactive when it comes to work, there’s always new projects flying about…I’m a bit of an anomaly”, says Jaguar Bingham. If you consider yourself a busy bee with a bustling schedule, just take a glimpse at Jaguar’s diary and you’ll quickly think otherwise.


Spotlighting underground talent on her BBC Introducing Dance show, the next generation tastemaker is only adding more strings to her bow, creating a cross-platform community club called UTOPIA—comprising a record label, podcast and club night—as well as an advocacy organisation, The Jaguar Foundation.


Although juggling multiple endeavours, she reaps the fruits of her efforts. Not because of financial gain or superficial reasons, but because she is doing what she loves: giving people opportunities and amplifying the voices of underrepresented communities in music.


Even though she has been spilling floor-filling electronica onto the airwaves for some time, it was a desire to diversify that saw her launch the community platform, UTOPIA, a.k.a, “The future,” in Jaguar’s eyes. Collaborating with like-minded individuals and spaces that share her inclusive values, UTOPIA accepts all identities creating a safe space for their community to truly flourish.


Not only that, The Jaguar Foundation is a platform that all emerging artists and creatives need to gain opportunities and feel represented in the music industry. Using her own experience as a woman existing in a male-dominated space, she wants to shine a light on future stars, collaborating with Sony to expose DJ scene’s gender disparity.


Now, the SUPA Model Management signee is adding more to her agenda. Set to host the International Music Summit later this spring, her UTOPIA label is working with artists like Orchid, who will release a glittering garage track later this month. Finding a moment in a bustling schedule, we sit down with Jaguar to discuss her mission to combat gender inequality, the ongoing projects and finding freedom in her own platform.

Hey Jaguar! How are you today and what are you listening to?

I’m great, thank you! I’m listening to the next release on my label UTOPIA: Orchid – ‘heaven/jealous’. Chaotic, sparkly, angelbby, garage pop.

You’ve had so many different roles and been involved in a wide array of projects and media in your career. How would you define your work now, and what new avenues are you excited to be exploring?

I’m hyperactive when it comes to work, there’s always new projects flying about. I love being dynamic, reactive and challenging myself as a DJ, broadcaster, label owner, promoter and journalist. I’m a bit of an anomaly, as I simultaneously manage to be the business and also run my business. It’s chaotic, but I love it. I do this career because I love connecting with people, whether that’s giving brand new artists their first ever plays on my BBC Radio 1 show, Introducing Dance, signing new artists to my label UTOPIA, or interviewing a fascinating guest on my podcast UTOPIA Talks. I love running my own platform as there is total freedom, control and alignment with my soul.


This March my label turns one, which feels very special. We released 10 tracks last year from the likes of Flava D, DRIIA, GHSTGHSTGHST and Junior Simba. I adore every single release. They are all fun club tracks that I play in my DJ sets, while having a cute cross-over element that is built for those special moments on the dancefloor. 2024 is looking huge for UTOPIA with new tracks dropping from Orchid, Lu.Re and a certain Spice Girl, plus we’re planning our biggest ever UTOPIA party on 1st June in London. That’s all I can say for now, but it will be unmissable…

Tell us about The Jaguar Foundation — when did the initial seeds of the idea form, and how has it evolved since then?

The Jaguar Foundation is my platform to help make the music industry a more equal place for the next generation of creatives and emerging artists. Through forward-thinking initiatives, we want to create a freeing, inclusive space that inspires people from minority backgrounds to gain greater opportunities and feel represented throughout the music industry. The idea came from my initiative called Future1000 which I created with Virtuoso, formerly known as FutureDJs. We produced a free online course for girls, trans and non-binary young people aged 12-18 to learn how to DJ, produce and learn about the music industry. We had guests JYOTY, Jayda G and Bklava host workshops for our students.


This was sparked from my own experience as a woman existing in a male-dominated industry. DJing often feels like a boys club, so I hoped to counteract this and make real change. While creating Future1000, I soon realised that there were no actual statistics or research into gender and dance music. I decided to create my own. In 2022 we launched The Jaguar Foundation and produced ‘Progressing Gender Representation in UK Dance Music’ with Sony Music UK Social Justice Fund. It’s a deep dive into the gender disparity which has never been looked at in this level of detail. We analysed The Official Charts, radio, streaming services, festivals and spoke to industry professionals such as I Jordan, Annie Mac, TSHA and Girls Don’t Sync for it. We found that:


• 5% of dance music in the charts had exclusively female/non-binary primary artists.
• less than 1% of the top tracks of radio stations were exclusively female or non-binary artists, 99% featured men.
• 24% of tracks in streaming playlists are by female/non-binary artists.
• Between 2018-2022 only 28% of festival line-ups were women/non-binary.

Can you tell us about some of your upcoming projects with the label? Any releases, drops or artists you’re working on that we should know about?

Orchid’s ‘heaven/jealous’ drops on 13th March – it’s got an out-of-this-world music video. Orchid is a producer, vocalist, songwriter, dancer and visionary from London. ‘heaven/jealous’ is a glittering, sugar rush pop meets murky UK Garage track. It’s inspired by Persian poet Rumi and comes with a breathtaking music video – where Orchid invites us into her kaleidoscopic world.

Which rising artists are you excited by this year?

Everyone on the label plus Melle Brown, Tomike, Niks, Denham Audio, Atrip… anyone I play on my Radio 1 show!

There’s a real lack of IRL spaces in music, especially those that operate with a community-first outlook. How did you envisage UTOPIA to be different? Did you have any inspirations, or a dream party environment you want to recreate?

UTOPIA is different. We are a predominately a queer event and it’s all about being on the same page, and having a fabulous time. We work with venues that are aligned in our vision and book diverse acts for our bills. My favourite bit of the events is going around and giving punters UTOPIA tattoos with my trusty sponge and water bottle. It’s a fun way to go around getting to know the people coming to our events and giving them a cute memento. We also always have fun props for our guests. My dream party would be to take over a stage at a festival. Mighty Hoopla would be the dream!

Finally, tell us about the podcast, UTOPIA Talks — what kind of conversations are you having?

We have previously spoken to TSHA about mental health, Katy B on her journey rising to fame, Aluna on how Black women are overlooked in the music industry, Helena Star about navigating her DJing career while pregnant, Fat Tony on his sobriety journey and DJ Seinfeld on dealing with self-doubt.

What’s one thing you’ve learned from a guest on the podcast that we should all know?

DJ Seinfeld has the most gorgeous soothing voice. I’m trying to get him to pursue voice overs!

Do you have any dream guests?

Todd Edwards, The Veronicas, Azealia Banks, Kim Petras, Honey Dijon.

Do you hope it will be a platform you would have found useful as you were breaking into music?

Yes! It’s essentially a way of connecting people. I want to brand out and do workshops and talks around the UK to help young people get into dance music. And we’re working on a community network to link up creatives.

Looking to the future, what legacy do you want to leave — both personally, and with your work?

I want to help give people opportunities and make underrepresented people feel seen, heard and supported. I adore this role, I appreciate the underground is where we can make real change and influence the mainstream. I just want to have a fabulous time.

Watch and Listen to JAGUAR's Lab LDN set now:


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