Catch singer-songwriter, Jake Isaac, in a livestreamed concert this Friday 19th March at 8pm.

Following the release of his much-awaited second album, ‘Honesty’, Jake Isaac is set to play a special livestreamed concert this Friday 19th March at 8pm.


Written in the first fortnight of the UK’s original lockdown in March 2020, ‘Honesty’ is Jake’s first full-length release since the acclaimed ‘Our Lives’, in 2017.


The music in ‘Honesty’ is interwoven with voicenotes from male and female characters, created to explore the challenges of love and relationships, aiming to show the importance of communication and being open with your partner.

“I’ve always been honest with others but not always been honest with myself; this record I suppose is a bit of me being open about stuff,” Jake explains. “I kinda made it my mission to write every song as stripped-back and as isolated as possible, just so that there was no temptation to try and fabricate the words beyond actual experiences. Produced it in my spare bedroom at home…figured you can’t get more honest than that, so that’s what I called it.”


If you want to catch Jake Isaac performing the stunning songs from ‘Honesty’, make sure you tune in this Friday night for a performance that’s sure to be stellar.


Buy tickets here, starting from £10 pp.

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